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This is not a healthy beach

December 20 2010 | Beaches, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

The vision statement of our new strategic plan is simple... two words. Healthy beaches. Someone just sent me the picture to the left, it's from a beach in Guatemala. Anyone that has traveled to coastal regions (beyond resort boundaries) has seen images like this one. I've seen more than my fair share. But for some reason these kinds of images always... always make me pause. This is a... beach. If you still need a visual to help you understand why Rise Above Plastics is the #1 campaign for Surfrider Foundation in 2011 this picture should help put things in perspective. If you are wondering why we're excited about the movement in Oregon (and four other states) to become the first state to ban single-use bags... this image should provide some fodder. More than anything this image should help us understand that the fastest path to healthy beaches is via our personal choices.
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