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Thousands of pounds of oil still being taken out of Gulf everyday

September 03 2010 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Despite the overzealous efforts by BP and our Federal government thousands and thousands of pounds of oil are still being taken out of the Gulf of Mexico every day. The "it's all gone" and "oh wait there's more" game being played is nothing short of a shell game. BP poured millions of gallons of dispersant on the massive spill for one reason--to get the spill out of the news--and the incredible tragedy is that we, the people, are letting that happen. We've become accustomed to a "what's the next big global tragedy?" mindset. Katrina, Haiti, BP spill... next. Meanwhile, reports suggest that there is close to the equivalent of 4 - 5 Exxon Valdezes still in the water. For me, this comes back to the locals. Sure we're talking about a global energy issue that has various national characteristics, yet it's the locals that are clearly feeling the effects more than any other party. Thus, I'm stoked Surfrider's Florida chapters are moving forward with a state-wide constitutional ban campaign.
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