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Thursdays @ Google

July 16 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Ok, so I don't spend my Thursdays at Google... that title just rolled off my fingers. However, I have spent a few different days at the Googleplex, including this past Thursday. It's probably fair for you to sit back in your seat at this point and think... "what the heck is Surfrider doing at Google?"

The answer is multiple things...

A month or so ago I met with some of the Google maps crew, sharing with them the existing wiki built to help people see and share information on the world's beaches (go to BeachMap to understand this one more). We're interested in not only helping people find and share key beach information, but also to build a destination for us to aggregate water quality information. For example, if I'm taking the family to Oahu, I'd want to know where are beaches on the south shore that have lifeguards, and how's the water quality in those locations.

Last Thursday I popped in and gave a talk to some people at the Mountain View hq (as well as a few others in San Francisco and Boulder, Co.). You can watch that below (11 slides, minimal slide verbiage and some Q&A; at the end). I'm not sure what was coolest about that engagement... having an ex-Surfrider employee meet me in the parking lot (Brandi), hook up with someone that immediately felt like one of my existing buddies (and invite him to Salvador for an upcoming trip), or the interaction with the googlers from the various groups on campus (blogger, ad words, green projects, search, etc).

Thanks for everything Google. We're stoked to have you intersecting with our mission.

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