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Timor oil spill now 5,800 square miles and growing

September 09 2009 | Oil Pollution, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Remember that oil spill off the coast of Western Australia that started on August 21st?

Well... it's still spilling.

Great coverage on this over at the SkyTruth blog. They are leveraging NASA satellite photos to track this, those are here.

A few points hit me regarding this spill.

1. No one is talking about this spill. This is one of those catastrophes that... isn't acknowledged as a catastrophe because they're off people's radar.

2. It can't happen here. Here's a hypothetical image that depicts what the spill would look like if it occured 80 miles off the coast of Florida (oh and the spill has doubled in size the last four days so double the impact in this image).

3. Modern technology will save the day.
This spill-in-process is coming from 2008 technology. Um.

If this interests you please follow our NotTheAnswer blog and the SkyTruth blog.
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