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Tiny fish (reality meets parody)

August 13 2009 | Communications, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Ok, check out this photo to the right.

The photo to the right is from a The Malibu Times article that just ran. It was covering a spearfishing contest (that entire story is here).

But look at the photo... those fish are not large... not exactly what we'd expect from a fishing tournament of any kind. Go ahead and say it... those fish are tiny.

They don't exactly stack up with the fish in the photo to the left. Um... not even close.

The fish to the left look other-worldly.

They look Photoshopped.

They look ...fake. But they aren't. We've all seen photos like this one that point to the "good old days."

No, this isn't a Photoshopped image. It's just that our baselines regarding what's "normal" and "accepted" has shifted.

This all brings me to this video.

Watch this video.


This is the story behind why we need Marine Protected Areas. It's simple. They work.

Photos: Malibu Times and
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