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Transforming the game one bag ban at a time

October 02 2013 | Culture Shifting, Plastics,

The Story of Stuff came out in 2007 and cleverly illustrated our collective consumerism. It showed us our trajectory, buying more stuff is not a model that can continue without end... there aren't enough natural resources on the planet (or five planets) if the whole world consumed like the United States.

The below video, The Story of Solutions, offers another chapter to this dialog and offers a solution. We need transformational ideas. The video points to regional single-use bag bans as one of the puzzle pieces in the larger process. In other words, when a community comes together to get rid of something as ubiqitous as a single-use plastic bag, something larger than the bag ban is gained... transformational momentum is gained. 

Surfrider has helped drive more than 65 single-use plastic bag bans over the past few years. That's a whole lot of plastic that has not entered the oceans or landfills. A list of those wins can be seen here.

Our volunteers take these fights on with the simple goal of keeping single-use plastics out of the oceans and landfills. It's not like they were born activists, they were born caring. They have connected that care with what they love, oceans.

It's great to watch a community come together and succeed but we always see more than that. We see a community... work with the community's best interests in mind. We see a thriving community.

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