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Trash tetris

October 01 2010 | Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I have two favorite games that I take with me everywhere, Tetris and Scrabble. Thus I'm pretty stoked that the ever-innovative crew at Surfrider Europe popped out an ocean-trash version of Tetris. It's on itunes here (free). The goal is the same as it is in regular Tetris... except you're playing with trash. It's like a virtual beach clean up mind game... More than anything I love how it points back to the global problem we have with ocean trash. Download the game and have some fun. Then, next time you see a piece of trash anywhere remotely close to the coasts... pick it up. See two pieces? Pick them both up. If you see someone throw a cigarette butt on the ground walk up to them and talk to them. Inform them that it will last for centuries and that they are littering. Here's another installment in the "ocean trash" series.
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