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Trashy calendars

June 18 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

We've all seen gratuitous calendars.

And I know those kinds of calendars cause very different reactions with each of us.

The one to the left takes the gratuitous idea and tweaks it in a new way.

Surfrider Europe has pushed the boundaries for years. In case you think this is a sexist thing, I believe this is the first year they have featured women in their calendars. Their calendars in years past were of men... sans clothing. Um, I'll leave that one alone.

This year, they produced something more multidimensional. For me it's something more relevant... it makes me think.

Our beaches are trashed.


Surfrider Europe took that idea, smashed it into those silly calendars we used to see in mechanics shops... and created something entirely new.

Their calendar mixes the time-tested formula "sex sells" with the timely, poignant message "challenged environment." That merge isn't as easy as you might think... most efforts come off flat, like the silly Vanity Fair's green issue cover with Madonna. Interesting cover compositionally speaking... but the piece with her doesn't address green issues at all.

This calendar slaps you in the face with the juxtaposition of beauty and trash.

Kudos to the Euro creative team for continuing to seek ways to engage people.

Sometimes we need to see juxtaposed worlds to understand them better.

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