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Tres Palmas, Puerto Rico - Discovery and stewardship of waves

December 17 2012 | Water, Chapters, Waves, Water Quality, Surfing,

It's hard to credit a single individual with discovering a wave. This is the case because many times surfers simply don't share their discoveries.

The above said Duke Michael is one of the people associated with "discovering" Tres Palmas in Puerto Rico.

In case you've never been to this part of the world, or haven't surfed Tres Palmas... check out these images. Tres is considered by some to be the east coast's version of Oahu's Sunset Beach.

The real story here though is with the image to the left.

Nicolas Michael is Duke's son and he's posting water quality test results for Tres Palmas and the surrounding areas in Rincon, P.R.

I love that loop.

A father discovers a natural wonder and decades later, his son works to preserve it. All the while they both surf it.

Perfect loop.

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