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Trestles community—Sights on Wednesday

February 04 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

com-mu-ni-ty (ka-myoo-ni-tee) n. A group of people having common interests.

I was grabbing a cup of tea the other day and someone noticed my, somewhat noticeable coffee mug, and asked me about the California Coastal Commision hearing this Wednesday.

She shared how furious she felt about park lands being taken away and a toll road being put in. She also shared that she and her husband was going to the hearing and taking their two year old daughter.

I just smiled as it felt like our community has come together around this issue. Somewhat random people finding a meeting of the minds and a platform for engagement. It's not like that doesn't happen, it does... but for some reason that specific engagement hit me.

It reminded me of the noticeable number of stickers I saw on Oahu's North Shore for Keep the Country Country.

It further underscored the need not only for multiple onramps for various types of people (and dogs) but also the need for visual, high-impression locations such as reusable mugs, bumpers, cell phones, computers, etc.

In the end the Trestles fight is the similar to every campaign Surfrider is engaged in... anywhere in the world.

It's about communicating with the community about what is at risk and finding a way to help them feel a part of it. It's about helping them find their unique voice and come to the realization that they CAN use their voice.
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