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Turning earth day into earth life

April 22 2009 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I'm an Irish citizen and yet I've never, ever thought St. Patricks Day was a day I should celebrate. In fact the idea of coloring beer green, a river green or anything else green and calling it Irish... is shallow and somewhat insulting.

I suppose I feel the same way about Earth Day.

We are not talking about some Hallmark-esque day... we're talking about the earth, the planet... our oxygen supply, our food supply, our lives, our existence, etc.

A piece caught my eye this AM, it was titled "Burning Question: Is Earth Day Bad for the Planet?" It's an interesting take on how Earth Day, like Administrative Assistants day (and every other day that has been manufactured) could easily be construed as a marketing vehicle to move product or services.

Yet... I'm reminded again... we're talking about the earth.

I have one request on this earth day. Don't pay attention to it, look past all the glamor and glitz... don't pay attention to the Vanity Fair green issue printed on non-recycled paper... instead find some meaning, find something real... find a way to plug into this environmental movement that is uniquely yours... then make it your life.

Make earth day an onramp to a more environmentally-sensitive lifestyle.

Yes, I posted this exact same post a year ago.
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