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Twist takes on Scorpion Bay

October 06 2009 | Art, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Ok, so I'm guessing you know about this week's 25th Anniversary Gala. I'm sure you also know about the art auction that is happening within the Gala.

The above images are from Barry McGee a.k.a. Twist. I happen to be a massive Twist fan so I'm uber-stoked that he's part of the mix. That said, the works above aren't the work we'll be auctioning. We don't have his piece yet BUT he sent us these photos to share the direction of the piece he'll share. So, in order to see what Twist does and how he interprets Scorpion Bay in Baja... you'll have to come to the event.

More art here.

Tickets to this Friday's event/auction here.
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