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Twitter is an amplifier for protecting waves and beaches

October 02 2012 | Events, Strategy, Activism, Modern Activism,

I wrote a blog last month called How can we get 10x the number of people to connect with the content of our upcoming summits?

The math is simple. We're expecting 250 people (the leaders in fighting to protect waves and beaches around the world) to show up in person for these summits. How can we get 2,500 people to connect with the conference content?

We know the core of our grassroots network is a small number of volunteer activists. This is a group of thousands of people that... get stuff done. They live local lives, they surf local waves and they work harder than most others to protect local places. These people are mavens, they are leaders, and they will have meaningful legacies in beach towns all over the globe. A small percent of this group comes to our regional summits once a year.

If 250 people can come together to work on beach protection best practices... why can't that content and learning be shared... and scaled... to 10x the number of conference attendees?

Last weekend was our first of three conferences and about 200 people were there. Here's how we leveraged Twitter.

149 people contributed (tweeted) over an 8 day period (pre, during, and post-event).

617 tweets were sent using the #sfwcs tag.

214,265 people were reached with those tweets.

The number of impressions from those tweets is 1,787,815.

Top tweeters (follow these people) @robnixon, @chadenelsen, @Surfrider_SoCal, @jimmoriarty, @lindismith.

Now, let's be explicitly clear. No one assumes those reach numbers are relevant as stand-alone metrics. i.e. 214,265 people did NOT view our messages. Some small percentage of that figure saw our messages. If we assume that 10% viewed messages, then we are at 21K people. Remember, this is just the first of three conferences.

I don't want to make this more complicated than it is... we used a tool, which happens to be twitter, to amplify our work to protect waves and beaches.

As you might guess, there are many tools we use to execute our mission of protecting the beaches. This is one.

If you can't make it to our conferences, follow the tweets. Follow the upcoming East Coast Conference with #sfecs and the International Conference with #sfic

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