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Global Wave Conference, Oct 24-25 in Europe

October 05 2011 | Victories, Events, Artificial reefs, Waves, Surfing,

There are many phrases which depict how we think of water. Most of them point to water's horizontal, somewhat boring... flat state. We use "sea level" as a definition of having zero elevation and we speak of water seeking its own level, again suggesting that water is usually flat. It's when we think of water in those terms that we start to see waves as the freaks of nature that they truly are.

Water isn't supposed to be a wall... but walls of water are exactly what so many of us have come to love because they provide us with a fluid, dynamic playground.

And we aren't alone, there are more than three million surfers in the US and most of us are very aware that surfing has become a global phenomenon. There are now surfers in places like Ireland, India, Morocco and China.

So it makes sense for organizations focused on protecting these liquid skateparks to come together, pool our knowledge and discuss how we can preserve the waves we've come to love so dearly.

On Octomer 24th a number of organizations are coming together in Europe to do just this.

Three questions frame what will be discussed at this conference:

How do we define the value of a wave?

What are the threats facing waves.

Which strategies can be put in place to protect them?

If you're in the region, check it out.

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