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Vans plugs in: Endangered Wave sandals

March 13 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

One of the key lessons I've learned here is appropriate onramps are key to movement momentum.

Two key words there. "Onramps" are simply ways for people or entities to join Surfrider in achieving it's mission. The other word is "appropriate" and is even more noteworthy than onramps. To oversimplify this point, one size doesn't fit all. One size fits... one. Thus it's absolutely CRITICAL that we offer as many onramps as possible for people to plug into this movement. I do think you can ask too much of people. Onramps need to be offered very close to people's existing lifestyle, habits, brand associations, etc.

In this case Van's is putting out an Endangered Waves sandal. Kudos to the crew there for taking their core and adding a slight tweak to create a product that directly speaks to why we do what we do. Waves are endangered in various places around the world, buy this sandal and help us support the fight to preserve those resources.

I know these will be popular as Van's created a shoe around waves a year or so ago. I had two pairs. Over this past holiday season we were burglarized while out of town and two things were taken... my custom/wave vans and a Mac. Strange... but true.

Thanks Vans.
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