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Violencia en Baja

November 14 2007 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I've been trekking to Baja, like every decent SoCal surfer worth their salt, for years. Few things compare to a minimal drive, a rural setup and clean and (relatively) uncrowded waves.

That said, I've been hearing more and more stories about violence. A good friend got robbed at gunpoint at Quatros Casas... the stories are getting too frequent, too violent, too paramilitary-esque. I'm on a Baja hiatus for at least a few months...

Good piece on this in today's UT. Pass it on to other surfers you know...

Surfers warn of armed robberies while camping on Mexican coast
By Terry Rodgers and Anna Cearley
November 14, 2007

The fear is growing.
Southern California surfers have reason to be especially wary about venturing to Baja California after a spate of armed robberies by paramilitary-style criminals. more
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