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Water we doing?

February 24 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

"When you drink the water, remember the spring."
- Chinese Proverb

Water is among the most precious natural resource we have.

It's obvious that not all agree on that statement. It's obvious because day-in and day-out we take drinking water and hose down our driveways and our grass, etc. We could just as easily sweep the driveway and change out our plants so they are ocean friendly and zone appropriate. But we don't. Instead we take water that is clean enough to drink and hose it down the driveway. What's worse, we're doing this in the middle of a water crisis across the globe.

This morning I picked up the San Diego paper and read a full page piece titled "When the well runs dry. Southern California's water crisis." The piece opens with a pithy Scottish proverb "We'll never know the worth of water until the well runs dry."


And here we are.

Today we take drinking water and pour it on plants that almost uniformly don't belong in this region (they require too much water). We pay amounts that would have been hard to believe a decade or two ago on water in a plastic bottle from places as far away as Fiji. Um... have you been to mainland Fiji and spent time in the countryside. I have, it's closer to Tijuana than it is a mythic ice glacier filled with pure drinking water. But, I'm guessing we wouldn't pay $3.50 for a bottle of water named "TJ".

Stopping to think of the insanity in our daily actions related to water should stop us in our tracks.

Southern California is already well into a water crisis. And we are not the only ones. A quick google of "Water crisis" in the news section yields water crisis issues all over.

Things are out of whack but we don't see it. One could make a comparison to oil as our modus operandi seems to be "sure oil is finite, but I want to be safe on the highway so I drive a 6,000 pound SUV and most of the time it's just me inside".

The equivalent with water is "sure water is scarce, but I want my lawn as green as can be... even though I live in an area that could never, ever naturally sustain grass."

Let's understand we're talking about finite natural resources. Let's try and figure this out together. We MUST figure out how we can use less water than we do today.


Three things you can do:

1. Transition your yard into an ocean friendly garden
2. Sweep driveways, don't hose
3. Buy a whole-house filter for your water supply (think global, drink local)
4. Never buy or accept a single-use
plastic water bottle

What else can we do?

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