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Wave cleanup anyone?

June 30 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

We've all been there... you're somewhere between waiting for a wave and seeing one rise on the horizon and you see a piece of trash.

Normally you'd stick it in your wetsuit sleeve or your boardshorts pocket... but the wave is close. If you take time to store it properly you'll miss the wave.

What do you do?

Ok... now I'll up the ante. You're in a contest, in Hawaii, and the same scenario happens. Sure you could blow off the piece of trash but that's not your gig... you've done more than a few beach cleanups... this is the ocean and trash doesn't belong in the ocean.

Here's Makana Ciotti at the Surf into Summer contest at Bowls on Oahu. The story is that he saw a candy wrapper floating during the semi final... didn't have time to pocket it so took the wave with the wrapper in his mouth.

He advanced to the finals.

Need I say more?
photo: Kaz Sano
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