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We can not drill our way to national security

May 04 2010 | Culture Shifting, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

As we watch millions of gallons flow unrestrained into our oceans it's a good time to revisit the of the larger arguments around offshore drilling.

It's been said, for decades, that our national security is tied to oil. My brain keeps spinning on this issue. I understand it as if I look in the rearview mirror but don't if I look forward. Let me illustrate this point. We have 3% of the worlds oil reserves and yet we use about 20% of the worlds oil reserves.

Now, if you owned 2% of anything would you tied your security to it? Of course you wouldn't.

Israel's recent fast-tracked interest in electric vehicle technology makes sense to me... the last thing they want to have is their national security tied to other people's natural resources. Of course they aren't alone. Norway is well into electric cars. Hawaii is making great strides in this direction as well. I won't turn this post into a list of the myriad of ways we can move away from away from oil as those lists are out there. My point is simple, we need the will to make this move and until we make this move we are being held hostage to any and every way possible to get oil.

President Bush (I) saw the relationship to our coastlines and put in place a Federal moratorium for new offshore drilling leases. 18 years later President Bush (II) let that moratorium expire. President Obama, like President Bush (II) has done nothing to restore the moratorium. Now we're seeing, again, how out of whack our thinking is. We think we can drill our way out of our dependency on foreign oil, that's impossible.

We can not drill our way to national security.

We must stop putting our futures at massive risk and start innovating our way to national security.

It's very hard to debate math. We must stop kidding ourselves that we can drill our way out of this situation, we can not.

President Obama, restore the moratorium and lead us to a future where we are not held hostage by foreign oil interests.

If you want to be part of this push, please tell President Obama that message here.
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