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July 18 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I dig big ideas.

Ever since Netscape went live, I've been captivated by the truism "the 'net changes everthing." Now that I'm at Surfrider I'm diving into what our shifting world means to a grassroots, global network like ours.

One of the characteristics of today that really interests me is that what we're dealing with is wet clay. That is... we're working in a new territory and, to some degree, making it up as we go. The power of outlets like Wikipedia provide massive opportunities for grassroots (crowd sourced) entities like us. In the end, this means lots and lots of new onramps into movements like coastal conservation. THAT is what we're interested in here...

One of the better new books out on this subject is We-Think by Charles Leadbeater. Check out these two vids and see if you think they intersect with our mission.


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