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Well, Doctor, I Have This Recycling Problem

March 10 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Great piece today in the NYT on a latter stage to the environmental movement. It's called "Well, Doctor, I Have This Recycling Problem." It's worth a read.

I've heard some buzz about related issues for a while. A few months back the phrase "green guilt" entered my lexicon. In fact that term is so mainstream that USA Today did a piece on it last year.

It makes sense to me.

If you've only dipped a toe in the water regarding awareness of environmental issues you can sleep well, etc. But the more you become knowledgeable regarding the damage we've already done to the planet, the collapse of fisheries, the horrible condition of our water supply... and our underlying selfishness to satisfy our consumer, short-attention span culture... the more you have the potential for anxiety. Dub it eco-anxiety or anything else... in the end it's anxiety.

The further you get into environmental issues the more you understand the simple math that our very existence as a species is at stake.

This is part of the reason why green isn't the new black. It simply can't be. If we treat this environmental renaissance as trendy fashion fodder then we may be... toast.
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