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We’ll miss you Andy

November 02 2010 | Surfing, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

The few times I interacted with Andy Irons were always positive. I remember he and I bidding against each other for Shaun Tomson's Duke trophy at a North Shore Community Land Trust event. I was taken that Shaun gave up his trophy as an auction item and, after I lost out to Andy, impressed that he was connected to Shaun's legacy and the idea of engaging in the campaign to preserve the North Shore. It's because of people like Andy that the campaign eventually succeeded. What few people may know is that Andy was a longtime supporter of coastal issues. He supported Surfrider's campaigns, he gave financially and as you can see above he gave his time. We were honored to have him as part of our team and as part of the extended family... tribe... that calls the coastlines their home. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lindy, Bruce, his parents and the larger Irons crew. A flame went out today but it's one that left a glow in others.
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