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What can I do? Minimize plastic bag use

June 02 2010 | Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

People are frustrated with the Gulf oil spill. More than anything I've heard the comment "I feel helpless, what can I do?" For this reason I posted 5 things you can do a few days ago.

Related, here are 3 things you can do to help minimize the use and impact from single use plastic bags.

First, help us push a state-wide ban in California.

This week we're pushing forward a bill that introduces a California-wide ban on single-use plastic bags. If you are in California you can engage in that process by sending a support letter here. (Note: the bill still allows plastic bags to be offered for fruits and veggies.)

Why should you care about this issue? Single-use plastic bags are harmful and they carry a massive cost.

  • Every day in the state of California 143,556 food containers and 71,336 plastic bags are picked up
  • The majority of marine debris is composed of plastic materials--60 to 80 percent overall and 90 percent of floating debris
Second, use reusable bags.

Some things in life are complex and some are simple. This is one of the latter.

There is no reason to use a plastic bag for a few minutes and throw it away. Think of the Gulf spill (plastic bags are made from oil). Think of the world we’re leaving our kids. Think of the five gyres of plastic in the ocean composed of small plastic pieces that started on land.

We aren't establishing a leadership position on the issue. For instance, Ireland cut their plastic bag use by 90% and many other nations have addressed this issue in different ways.

Third, rise above plastics.

Here's the site and here's the blog.

That’s it. Three. It's a magic number.
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