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What does Thanksgiving mean to us?

November 24 2010 | Joy, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love it because it turns our perspective around 180 degrees... instead of people focusing on what they don't have it asks the simple question... what are we thankful for? Of course one could point out that black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is for many people anything but a time for simple reflection. But I'm focused on Thanksgiving day itself. Think of the world we live in, the freedoms we have, the mobility we have and the experiences we can access. We live in a time of wonder. A person can literally walk down the street while talking to a friend on the other side of the planet. We can inform ourselves about issues facing our regions at a depth never possible. Further, we can find a myriad of ways to plug in to defend these places. We can also simply walk away from every product or service and take a walk on the beach. Thanksgiving at our house is this latter idea. There is something truly beautiful in the simple act of walking on the beach with your family. I have two teenagers so of course they'll suggest it's no longer cool. But I know that once we're walking... always at low tide... with a huge expanse of beach in front of us, behind us and on either side, we'll come together as a family. We'll connect. I think we've lost sight of these priceless things in life. Having access to 300 channels on your TV isn't priceless as there is literally a cost to that... it's $50 a month. But walking on the beach with your friends or family, having everyone away from the normal attachments and distractions of life, listening to them and connecting with them or maybe watching a sun melt into the ocean... Those are literally priceless. Unfortunately there are those that believe that open spaces like our beaches do have a price. They try and buy them and take away access from others. We, all of us, will answer those challenges every step of the way. This Thanksgiving find something that is priceless. Find that thing that has no cost and that doesn't require you to show an ID or use a credit card. Leave your wallet behind. Leave your distractions behind... and join me in being thankful for the simple, priceless things in life.
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