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What is your favorite reusable bag?

January 25 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Three months ago I attended CGI and was given the customary swag bag full of goodies.

More and more I've started to not accept such gifts (swag bags) as they are usually full of junk I'll never use and the bag itself is usually another backpack for which I really have no incremental need for. The swag bag at CGI, however, was chock full 'o stuff that I'd label as highly-desirable, here are a few of the items. One of the items was a pair eco-Timberland boots.

A meaningful sidebar of this story is that I had just broken my wrist and was staying a in a hotel quite far from the event. Thus I crammed everything I had with me, including a pair of boots, into one bag so I could carry it with my one good hand. The bag was pretty simple construction... I thought it was made of linen. Slightly bummed I set off in NYC rush hour to trek to my hotel. I was bummed as I knew my new bag wouldn't make it to the hotel in one place. I had simply crammed too much stuff into it for it to last.

I'll cut the story short, it made it and I've used it ever since. It's the hemp bag by Envirosax and it's amazingly strong. Yea, I know hemp-this, bamboo-that... we've all heard so much about the wonder-plants... after this experience... I'm sold. This bag is the best bag I've ever had for such a use.

Since somehow this post has turned into a product category analysis... second runner up for me, for an all purpose, super strong, featherweight bag is Patagonia's Lightweight Travel Courier. This one is kinda spendy but like all Pato-products it'll outlast me.

So, we're all aware of the horrendous impact of "single use plastic bags", we know that plastics are among the worst ocean polluters around, we've all vowed off singleuse plastic in general... so what bag are you using?

Is the 99-cent version doing it for you?

What's the best bag?

What's the best solution for the money?

What's the lowest impact solution?
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