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When we pollute the oceans, we pollute ourselves

May 06 2014 | Plastics,

Up to 80% of the plastic in our oceans comes from land-based sources and plastics comprise up to 90% of floating marine debris.

There is a lot of trash in the oceans, most of it is plastic and it didn't come from some mythical container ship dumping it into the ocean. It came from us living our everyday lives on land.

Plastics do not biodegrade, but instead break down into small particles that persist in the ocean, absorb toxins, and enter our food chain through fish, sea birds and other marine life.

All that plastic isn't going away. It's absorbing bad things and getting eaten by fish... which we then eat. 

We miss this connection. Kudos to Pieter Van Eenoge from Bruges, Belgium for creating these gorgeous advertisements for Surfrider Europe with the simple and straightforward message "when we pollute the oceans, we pollute ourselves."

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