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Who connected you to the ocean?

June 26 2013 | Waves, Surfing,

I've done just under 100 podcasts and I start every one with the simple question "when did you first connect with the ocean?" 

If people's answers to that question came with a photograph, it would probably look like the one shared here.

That little girl is social media maven Beth Kanter, her brother and her dad.

As I've recorded those podcasts and listened to countless people share their answer to the question, it's often made me think of my own parents. The simple reason I love the beach and coastlines is because my parents introduced me to the beaches of Rhode Island, Martha's Vineyard and the Cape. 

Thanks Mom and Dad.

Beth reached out to us a week or so ago to let us know that her father passed away. Her connection to him is directly related to her connection to Surfrider's mission. Her dad, as the photo suggests, was a surfer. When he passed away it was only logical for her to create an online fundraiser to raise money for Surfrider's mission; protection and enjoyment of oceans waves and beaches via our grassroots network.

Thanks Beth. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Go here and check out Beth's Virtual Paddle Out.

Let us know your answer to that question, who connected you to the ocean?

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