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Why and where volunteers test coastal waters

November 12 2010 | Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

"WHY would someone take their free time to test the local ocean water?" Volunteers test coastal waters to ensure those water stay clean and healthy. Many times people get involved in programs like this because there is suspected pollution. Maybe they or someone close to them got sick after being in the water or perhaps there is a nearby suspected polluter. We DON'T test the water because we're seeking to become the default water testing agency/utility. We're not seeking to do the government's job for them. We test to make sure they do the best job possible and are transparent with the results. Below is a map of where in the United States we test coastal waters. This is 100% volunteer driven with 100% locally-raised financial support to pay for the testing materials. More info on this testing program. FAQs on the testing process.
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