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Why I work at Surfrider

February 19 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

That simple question is always in the front of my mind.

The Surfrider brand, the idea behind our logo, is about... loving the coasts.

That concept is encapsulated in our mission statement. We want people who live and recreate near the coasts to simply understand they have something wonderful... and to invest something of themselves to protect it.

So, one could (and we routinely do) ask the question "are you succeeding?"

We could point to metrics, notable decisions, global expansion, etc, etc... but what we really want to see is a larger movement. We want to see ALL entities embrace this mission. We want to see companies make good, more sustainable decisions. We want to see surfers understand their role and the need for action.

This all came together this morning as a blog post caught my eye. The post is titled "Surfers Continue Going Green Worldwide" and starts off "While taking my daily news-cruise I came upon another story of surfers putting themselves on the front line against the all-out assault on our environment. This time it was 15 Aussie surfers and kayakers ... "

My favorite phrase in that piece is "another story"... as one story isn't a movement.

This is what success looks like. It looks like people from all over the world finding an onramp for them to participate in this movement.

No, we're not there yet. Truthfully, we're not even close. The damage we have done to our oceans and coastal regions is monumental in scale... and it's going to take a whole lot of muscle, intelligence, money, victories, tools, etc.

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