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Wing Lam: Surfrider board members that rock

February 22 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Full disclosure: I love Wahoo's. I think I could eat at Wahoo's... everyday. No, I don't eat there for free and no this isn't a product placement or endorsement... ok, maybe it IS an endorsement, but just a personal endorsement. smile

The photo to the right is of the Lam brothers. They are the founders of Wahoo's.

Wing, the guy in the middle sporting a Surfrider Foundation Oahu Chapter shirt, is on our board of directors.

Wing rocks.

My favorite Wing moment was at Celebrity Surf Jam. Wahoo's not only provided the food and drink (at no cost) but then Wing served it. I love that... I love when people understand the need to... serve others. Truth is that he, and Wahoo's, have done this at numerous Surfrider events.

Our board of directors, all of them... current and past, do things like this all the time.

They serve on our board with no compensation. They cover their costs to get to our board meetings (which are usually close to an interesting beach). They give their time, energy, money, wisdom, etc.

They all rock.

This post is about Wing as he is sporting our colors in this ad. Thanks Wing.

Thank you to the entire Surfrider Foundation board.

And thank you to past board members. We appreciate everything you have done to enable us to be in the position we are today.
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