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Wood Fish Sessions: Pt. 1, The package

May 24 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I like getting my hands dirty.

I like to build stuff.

I like power tools.

I think we all do.

I like it when we get out of our comfort zone and try something new... something that could fail... but something could also transform our world view.

I know we all aren't the same on that one. All of us have varying views on change, experiments, group projects and tools... and yet I'm pushing something onto our staff.

I'm kicking off the experiment here.

This summer the staff at Surfrider's global hq in San Clemente will build a surfboard out of wood and then we'll surf it like we're Dave Rastovich.

The first time I saw Grain Surfboards I was intrigued. I was walking through Surf Expo in sunny Florida, saw the boards and stopped in my tracks.

Is that made of wood?

Is that surfable?

Is it any good?

I should confess that one of my favorite segments in the recent surf film Sprout was the segment about Tom Wegener's insane quiver of boards down in Noosa... thus I knew the answer to all the questions running through my head... my thoughts quickly transitioned to...

How cool is this fish?

I wonder how this floats?

Can I get it in a quad?

Fast forward a few months. Matt Montee crossed paths with us. He then joined Grain Surfboards. At this point my aspiration turned from that of selfish experimentation to group experience.

A few days ago the crew at Grain sent us two packages. One is that recycled case of Yuengling (nice touch) filled with instructions, glue and other board-building materials. The other package looked like some flag poles, but was filled with the wood.

With this post I'm going to kick off a small series dubbed the "wood fish sessions" as this summer we're going to make a... wood fish.

Ryan Johnson, who does accounting here and is pictured above holding the wood, is going to captain this... wood fish session.

We're going to build a wood fish.

We're going to surf a wood fish.

We're going to think we're surfing like Rasta... kinda.

And I'll share some thoughts about this process as it unravels.

In the meantime, check out the notable lineup at Grain Surfboards.

Oh, and if you have some woodclamps, a rocker table and live in the region... stop by.
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