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Wood Fish Sessions. Pt 2. Rocker Table

September 08 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

The internal project of building a wood surfboard and then surfing it... continues. As you may have seen in part 1, we received a 5'10" fish surfboard kit. The kit came from Grain Surfboards who has taken a boat-building, sustainable approach and merged it with modern surfboard design.

I've heard it said that to really understand surfboard design one must actually shape a board. I'd like to think what we're doing with this project is taking things to a natural next step... building a board out of wood.

Truth is that only one of us has logged any hours on this project so far, Ryan Johnson. He built the rocker table (see pic), he's researched the various blogs associated with this endeavor... he even built a blog around this project.

But I know one thing and that is that once it gets past this somewhat abstract stage... once it has some form that even slightly resembles a board... more than one of us will get our hands dirty on this project.

Thanks again to the crew at Grain.

One day... hopefully before the end of the year, we'll make you proud.
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