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Would you care more if I was a panda?

July 12 2012 | Ads, Strategy, Campaigns, Fish, Activism, Modern Activism, Water Quality,

Surfrider has been the subject of some abolutely insane ads. You may not have seen them because a) we don't buy media to place the ads (we rely on the generosity of pubs to offer it) and b) some of our best ads come out of Surfrider Europe.

For a taste of those gems check out this link.

The below ad really hit me and it's not one of ours. It speaks to a very simple and stratightforward struggle we deal with every single day...

What will it take for us to care?

Sometimes, to be crass, it takes cuteness. See a panda, give money to save a panda. Meanwhile the number of campaigns we have focused on keeping plastics out of the ocean has surpassed our clean water work.

What will it take for us to care? Look at the ad below. Smile. Then become part of the solution, join Surfrider.

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