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You are what your t-shirt says

December 19 2011 | Coastal development, Activism, Communications,

We live in a t-shirt society.

What I mean by that is that we express ourselves, brand ourselves and even get compensated for work or affiliation via t-shirts. It's been said, "you are what you drive" but it's much more accurate to suggest, "you are what your t-shirt says you are."

The t to the left is from a new batch from Surfrider Europe, check 'em out here.

This particular t caught my eye, as we seem to deal with the issue of coastal development all the time. People seem to forget that our coastlines are dynamic, they move.

The only true beach residents (actually living on soft sand) are locals... animals.

Simple message.

Simple t.

Check out more about Surfrider Europe here.



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