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(You gotta) fight for your right

May 09 2014 | Beach access, Activism,

There are a flurry of news stories floating around with colorful titles like "Surfers Challenge Tech Billionaire." 

I admit, I love the David versus Goliath feel of the stories, but there is a deeper story here.

We, the Surfrider network, believe that the beaches, waves and coastlines are our collective open spaces. These places are all of ours. To some degree we don't care who is on the other side of the fight. If an entity, any entity, takes away our access to our beaches there is a good chance the local Surfrider Foundation chapter will kick into gear and fight until access is gained. 

Here is our view on beach access

Just as no one should be able to take away someone's access to Central Park in New York City or Yosemite in Northern California, our beaches are open spages and they belong to all of us.

A large part of the story is about the access that has been taken away. An even larger element is that people are organizing to get it back.

Surfrider believes it's not enough to love a place, you have to engage to protect the places you love.

In fact, you have to fight for your right... for access. 

If you don't engage then there is a very good chance that no one else will. It's for this reason that we think as highly of our grassroots activists as we do. These are the people that give of themselves, sometimes even put themselves at risk, for our collective good. 

The story happening at Martin's Beach is one more beach access fight. Since 2006 we have fought and won 46 beach access fights

Huge kudos to all involved with this effort. 

If you want more of the backstory on this fight, check out this film on Martin's Beach.

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