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You say you want a revolution

April 26 2012 | Victories, Kids, Chapters, Plastics, Water Quality,

The fight to decrease single-use plastics has become a mainstream movement.

Now is the time you should join it.

It is mainstream in Hawaii... yesterday I heard Honolulu passed a bag ban. With this last piece of the puzzle, Hawaii is the first entire state with a single-use plastic bag ordinance.

It is manstream in small towns... last evening the Solana Beach City Council heard from the kids to the left. They and virtually every other person to share their views demanded a single-use bag ban. The City Council voted unanimously and agreed.

It is mainstream in professional surfing... 11x world champ Kelly Slater is engaged in the fight. He tweeted out this picture, pointing to how bad things are in Indo and engaging his followers in this global issue.

You say you want a revolution?

Join us.

The way we change the world is to show up and engage in the process.  Read more about this issue here, find a chapter to engage with here.

If you want change, make it.

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