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Youth movement >>> San Clemente High School >>> Rise above plastics

January 05 2010 | Kids, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I find few things more inspirational than kids involvement in meaningful causes.

At some point in our lives we begin to grasp the concept that the future truly is ours. We move from a world view that is essentially that of our parents to a position where we develop our own world view. It's exciting to see that happen, especially when people understand they have a responsibility to protect the environment that they'll live in for the rest of their lives.

I'm stoked our youth program is kicking into a new gear. Kudos to the San Clemente High School crew for connecting with and having some fun with the Rise Above Plastics program.

If you'd like to start a high school club give Ed Mazzarella a ping (


If you don't see the video, click on the link of the post title.
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