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Yvon caught by a fish

July 07 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

This is a simple video that points to the... simple truth that we should do more than just "take". We should give.

There have been so many instances where this has rung true for me. I've been mentoring high school kids for years and each step along the way I felt like I got more out of the relationship than they did. Today one is working for us as an intern and two others are coming to Central America with me on an annual surf sojourn. Any parent knows the give/receive feeling as when you have a baby in front of you... you must give. And again, any parent knows that insane love you receive back. Of course I'm not suggesting you give only to receive, that would be missing the point. The give/receive cycle applies to marriages as well (as well as many other things).

It also applies with nature.

We take... but do we give back? Do we appreciate? Do we invest our time, energy and money in preserving those areas that have given so much to us?

Yvon Chouinard is caught on film talking about this very relationship. Check it out... then find a way to plug in and give back.

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