Offshore oil drilling is #NotTheAnswer

Once oil is spilled, it is too late, and all you can try to do is minimize the damage.

That's why Surfrider's Not the Answer campaign wants to stop any new offshore drilling from happening. For decades our coasts were protected from new offshore oil drilling. However in 2008, President Bush and Congress lifted the federal moratoria on new offshore drilling making our nation's coastlines vulnerable to the expansion of oil and gas development.

Congress later followed suit by allowing a federal ban on drilling to expire. Now, decision makers at the state and federal levels are examining ways to capitalize on the lifted moratoria and erect new platforms along our coastlines.

With our ocean targeted for drilling in the Mid- and South Atlantic and Eastern Gulf of Mexico, our network of chapters across the country is striking back! Up and down the East Coast, chapters are advocating for legislation and agency decisions that will prohibit the exploration, development, or production of oil and gas in state and federal waters.

Join our chapter network and say offshore oil drilling is #NotTheAnswer.

Surfrider is mobilizing our chapter network and the recreation community as a powerful stakeholder group in ocean planning efforts across the country. Our goal is to protect marine ecosystems while steering new development in the ocean to less sensitive areas. Read Full Post

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Montauk Medley

June 23 2016

Climate change is causing sea levels to rise. Now is the time to proactively protect structures by pursuing novel approaches and not relying on the outdated measures that require continual coastal armoring. Read Full Post

Surfrider #SignTheBoard Campaign

Our Sign-the-Surfboard campaign has kicked off! This campaign is an active step to demonstrate the coastal recreation industry’s opposition to offshore drilling and seismic testing in the Atlantic and Eastern Gulf of Mexico.

Local Surfrider chapters will be asking local surf and skate shops, coastal restaurants, and other businesses that depend on a healthy, clean coast to sign this beautiful donated Firewire surfboard. The board will make the journey up to the coast in opposition to opening the Atlantic and Eastern Gulf of Mexico to this dangerous and polluting practice.

Board Tour Schedule

Sept 17-27 Georgia
Sept 27 - Oct 14 Charleston, SC
Oct 14-16 Grand Strand, SC
Oct 16-17 Cape Fear, NC
Oct 18 - Nov 1 Bogue Banks, NC
Nov 1-14 Outer Banks, NC
Nov 14-28 Virginia Beach, VA
Nov 28 - Dec 12 Ocean City, MD
Dec 12-26 Delaware
Dec 26 - Feb 2016 Washington, DC
Sign the Board

Fact vs Fiction

Learn the myths and facts about oil drilling – from “weaning off”, how “safe” it is (clearly not!) and to the true cost of lowered gas prices. Take a look at Surfrider's Environmental Director Pete Stauffer's article in our publication The Drop about how new offshore drilling is our next battle.

Learn the facts

Simple, sustainable stuff for all of us to do

Here are 5 simple sustainable things you can do today to protect our ocean, waves and beaches:
Sustainable Action
Sign the petition and share it
Make it known loud and clear that our ocean, waves and beaches are vital recreational, economic and ecological treasures and that new drilling on the Atlantic and Artic oceans is Not The Answer.
Make a call
The most effective way to speak up is to call your state representative and say, "I'm calling to ask that you oppose all new offshore oil and gas development and exploration."
Say No to Plastic
Stop using plastic bags and single-use plastics. Around 100 billion petroleum-based plastic checkout bags are used each year in the United States, requiring an estimated 12 million barrels of oil each year. And 60-80 percent of pollution in our ocean comes from plastic!
Make your voice be heard
Get involved with your community, whether that's through a local Surfrider Chapter or by getting involved with agencies (i.e. local planning bodies) that protect coastal resources.
Support Surfrider’s Not The Answer campaign
Donate today and send the message that new offshore drilling is not the answer and it will never be worth the risk to our coasts.