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Strategic Plan

Vision: Healthy Coasts

Our vision is as simple and straightforward as the picture in your mind when you think of a beach. In our minds that translates to two words, healthy coasts.


Funnel of engagementCore strategy: Engaged activism

We will yield the largest impact toward our vision by helping people connect and participate in coastal conservation efforts. Whether a person was just introduced to coastal conservation via a social network or they are a multi-year activist leader focused on local policy issues, we seek to help amplify the return on their investment.


Primary metric: Action Index (AI)

We measure how people engage with us. This means we care about people's initial actions. That could be signing up for our weekly digital newsletter Soup or commenting on a Facebook post. Since our strategy is oriented around engaged activism we measure if and when people take a deeper step. This could be coming to a beach cleanup or signing a digital petition. Of course we also measure how well we are cultivating grassroots leaders. They say you manage what you measure and since our core strategy is engaging people, we measure that at every level.


Mission: The protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network

Here is a more comprehensive view into our mission.


Areas of interest

Coastal preservation and access, ecosystem protection, wave preservation and water quality

Organizational goals

·      Increase victories by 10% per year. Every campaign is important and every victory brings us one step closer to our vision. Increase the effectiveness of campaigns and build our constituency. Increase the reach of local victories by scaling victories into meaningful policy advancements.
·      Exponential growth in the use of tools and services. Continue to shift all staff and resources toward supporting chapters and activists. Increase emphasis on creating and maintaining tools and services that activists and chapters use to grow our constituency, deepen individuals embrace of our mission, and yield coastal victories.
·      Scale the network by x% per year. Create and maintain multiple avenues to engage, educate and inspire Surfrider network (chapters, individuals, groups and other channels) with an emphasis on connecting people to campaigns. Cultivate an environment that inspires people to take action to achieve healthy coasts.