Speakman Company

Speakman Company

Speakman Company delivers shower and bath products that are intricately designed and engineered, delivering water exactly as it was intended to be experienced. Once you use one, it's hard to turn back. Their most loyal customers even travel with a Speakman showerhead and change it out in their hotel rooms! Intruiged yet?

You might be surprised that in 2016 Speakman will encourage you to SKIP A SHOWER on March 22nd. Yes, you read that right. In 2016 and 2017, Speakman presents Surfrider Foundation's World Water Day campaign that reminds all of us that every drop counts. In just one day you can propell yourself into a lifelong commitment to reducing your overall water footprint. 

Check out the World Water Day campaign page on our website!

Speakman and Surfrider Foundation encourage our supporters to install a Speakman Reaction low-flow showerhead. Our daily habits contribute to the waste and pollution of this valuable resource. The average household will save 3,840 gallons of water annually!

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