We care about our oceans, but we also care about your well being, which is why we are excited to continue our partnership with Emergen-C®! Fighting for clean waves and safe drinking water has never been easier (or tastier).  Emergen-C® strives for healthier people and a healthier planet, which is why our partnership with them makes perfect sense. The berry-flavored, deliciously fizzy drink mix, Emergen-C Blue® supports clean water with twenty-five cents from every box sold directly benefiting the Surfrider Foundation, ensuring that we leave a legacy of healthy oceans, waves and beaches for generations to come.  


Since 2009, Emergen-C Blue donations have helped support our clean water programs, including the Blue Water Task Force which alerts surfers, swimmers, and the general public of beach water quality conditions and to engage local communities to solve their water pollution issues.  An added bonus to our partnership is that Emergen-C® is providing our chapter network with complimentary product support for events throughout the year! So don’t fret- you’re well being and our planet are both taken care of.


A healthier tomorrow starts today. Turn off that faucet, choose a reusable water bottle, pick up that piece of trash, and join us as we fight for healthier water, one sip at a time.  To learn more how you can get involved, visit emergenCblue.com.