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From car makers to beer brewers, computer companies to surfboard builders, there has never been a more visible commitment to eco-responsibility as there is in the global business community today.  


Firewire Surfboards has always been committed to the challenge of greener surfboard production.  They exclusively use materials with very low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), such as epoxy resins and EPS foams, and have a finely calibrated production process that reduces waste.  Their manufacturing methods already have a much smaller environmental impact than conventional surfboard production does.


In 2013, Firewire proudly announced the TimberTEK technology, which they view as a game-changing step in the pursuit of a greener surf industry.  TimberTEK is a lightweight, lively and durable build composed of sustainably grown Paulownia wood, Entropy Bio Resin and a greatly reduced amount of fiberglass. They believe that it is essentially the new environmental benchmark for relatively large scale, commercially built surfboards.  In addition, due to the sustainability of some the materials used and the reduced toxicity of the epoxy resin and EPS foam, TimberTEK earned Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD benchmark, a label that indicates a board is built to exceed certain minimum eco-requirements. 


While they've got a long way to go to achieve 'cradle to cradle' manufacturing, they are committed to sustained progress toward that ultimate goal, striving to operate in the most eco-friendly manner that is also economically viable for Firewire and the surfers who ride their boards.