Launched in 2016,  LET IT BLOCK was created by California natives Pauline Takahashi Saunders and David Dorcich.

"Always kids at heart, and living lives that were shaped by the beaches we swam, the clubs we partied at, the clothes we wore and the music we listened to, we wanted to create a lifestyle sun care brand that encompassed those things and that helped shape our lives firsthand." 

Formulated using minerals as the active ingredient, combined with other high-quality ingredients, LET IT BLOCK sunscreens protect against both UVA and UVB rays and provide water-resistant protection for up to 80 minutes. Key ingredients include aloe vera, blueberry extract and a whole host of other plant oils and extracts like cranberry, grape seed, kiwi, strawberry, hemp and goji, which are full of nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins.

Pete Stauffer, Surfrider's Environmental Director states, "We're really excited to partner with a sunscreen that shares our values for protecting the ocean. LET IT BLOCK sunscreen is free of parabens that damage reefs, water quality, and marine life. It's a great choice for ocean users who want to protect the places they love."

Tested by Surfrider, the sunscreen holds up in the water and has a thicker feel, assuring coverage as compared to other mineral based sunscreens. Also, the recyclable compact pouch produces less plastic waste and has a smaller environmental footprint compared to a similarly sized traditional plastic container!

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