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Meg Caldwell

Meg Caldwell. As the child of a US Navy officer, Meg Caldwell grew up mainly on the coastline and developed a strong personal connection with the ocean. She now directs the Center for Ocean Solutions - a collaboration between Stanford University, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute - whose core mission is to increase the impact of the natural, physical and social sciences on ocean policy and to develop practical solutions to major ocean challenges. Meg also directs the Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy program at Stanford Law School where she teaches and researches land use, the use of science in ocean and coastal resource policy and management, and private and public incentives for natural resource conservation. Public service is a major part of Meg's life. In 2004, she was appointed by the State Secretary of Resources to the California Marine Life Protection Act Blue Ribbon Task Force for the central and north central coasts and is currently serving on the Third Phase Blue Ribbon Task Force for the south coast. That same year, Governor Schwarzenegger appointed Meg to the California Coastal Commission, for which she served for three years, including two as its chairperson. As chair of the Commission, she also served on the State Coastal Conservancy Board. Meg returned to the Coastal Commission in 2009 as Mary Shallenberger's alternate. A good cup of coffee, dark chocolate, hanging out with her two sons, and walking along a wild shoreline are the hallmarks of her perfect day.