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Steve Blank

Director of Development

I don’t even have to hesitate in answering these questions.  My first memory is of making sand castles on the beach with my family when I was four or five.  My favorite is of a day playing in the ebbing tide with my (then) two year old daughter. 


But the list of my memories that involve oceans, waves and beaches is seemingly endless.  As a native San Diegan who has spent all but seven years of my life in “America’s Finest City” my life has revolved around the coast.  From my family’s annual sailing trip to Catalina Island as a kid, to my seven summers spent as a sailing and windsurfing instructor, to surfing well past sunset with just a friend or two left in the lineup, to birthday parties, school’s-out celebrations and bonfires on the beach….. I’m sure you have similar recollections.


And the list continues to grow.  Today, my wife and I find joy in introducing our kids to the wonders of our coasts -- whether its playing in the waves, digging in the sand, exploring tide pools or marveling at another magical sunset.  

I’ve been lucky enough to find a job that keeps me close to the coasts as well.  I get to participate in the protection of the places where these memories are made.  And in the preservation of the places that make these memories special. I get to interact with individuals who share my passion and want to see their donations used to protect their oceans, waves and beaches.


Every gift, no matter the size, has an impact on our work.  So make a gift today to help us protect your memories and preserve the places where your future memories will be made.