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Angela Howe

Legal Director

People may wonder why a girl who grew up in land-locked San Antonio, Texas (Go Spurs!) is now working for the Surfrider Foundation.  It was actually a very organic migration, starting with a move out to the Bay Area for law school at UC Berkeley and quickly learning to love the wonder of surfing and snowboarding that California has to offer. I decided to take the bar exam in Cali and stick around.


I’ve always enjoyed natural spaces, including soccer fields, and have always despised litter, critter-killers, and polluters – so my foray into environmental law made sense.  I also started volunteering for the Surfrider Foundation soon after graduating.  After a couple of years honing my legal skills at a large law firm, I transitioned to become one of the Surfrider Foundation staff.  

I’m now the Legal Director for the Surfrider Foundation and leading the Foundation’s legal strategy.  In this capacity, I fight for sustainable solutions to environmental challenges and work to increase Surfrider’s impact for healthy coasts.  My appreciation for the majesty of the ocean grows everyday, and this drives my passion to protect it. 


Next time you are seeking happiness, go to the beach, breathe in the healing ocean air, and experience the wonderment of our oceans, waves and beaches.