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Charlie Plybon

Oregon Policy Manager

My first memory of the ocean was at Emerald Isle, North Carolina where I spent summers with my family at my grandparents’ beach house. Standing shore-side and grasping my grandmother's hand, the water smashed me from behind and I landed face first in the sand. Struck like a bell, my life has been ringing for the ocean ever since. With a hunger for the wild, I left my roots on the East coast for the rogue and rugged coast of the Pacific Northwest. Oregon had always been this mysteriously wild and distant place in my mind but since 2001, I've had the privilege of calling this special place my home.


Working with our volunteers, activists and chapters up and down the coast, I've learned that the people of Oregon are as special as the scenic beaches, rocky bluffs, temperate rainforests and old growth forests that adorn our shoreline. When it comes to people and special places, Oregon has a little bit of everything. Instilled most likely half by genetics and half in admiration of my parents, my greatest desire in life has been to help people. The Surfrider Foundation has been the perfect harmony for me to combine my love for the ocean and protecting special places with the ability to organize and help people.


I never imagined I'd be working with such talented and dedicated staff, and have so much to be thankful for. I'm inspired everyday by the people I work with, staff, members and activists. I am continually impressed, perpetually learning and supported by those around me. It was long ago that Surfrider helped me find my voice for the ocean and just a few years later I have been fortunate enough – so that I now help others find and organize their voices. Ask me how to find yours!