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Edward Mazzarella

Director of Chapters

The constant in my close to 20 years with Surfrider Foundation are the people --- The people who give their time and energy to our mission and reaffirm my faith in grassroots activism on a daily basis.  Surfrider Foundation is truly an organization where you can contribute on so many levels from membership to a tweet to core leadership in our chapter network.   For me grassroots activism is more of a belief in something larger – not merely a means to an end.  It’s something that contributes an extremely important element to making our society great.  I realize that I’m fortunate to work in an environment that is both satisfying and makes things happen, but I also practice this in my personal life by volunteering in my local community group. 

The coolest thing about volunteering — there are so many ways to do it and all are important.   Will I always be a core volunteer?  Probably not, but that’s okay because everyone needs a break, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop signing a petition or posting on a blog or renewing my Surfrider Foundation membership.  We can all contribute, so plug into Surfrider Foundation at any level you feel comfortable!