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Ericka (Davanzo) Canales

Quad Youth Manager

Growing up on the East Coast - two hours from the beach and ski slopes - I became well aware of the sea to summit connection. From my earliest years I was raised as a waterbaby, whether it was an ocean, pool, or a lake.  My first Surfrider experience came when I joined the Boston Chapter and helped with the Snowrider Project during a trip to Stowe, VT. However, it wasn’t until my NYC chapter membership when all the surfbreaks in Long Beach, NY were going to be buried in one massive project that I knew – if I didn’t engage, the beach I knew would be lost forever.  This is where I found my calling…


As the new Quad Youth Manager, I am honored to work kids who want to volunteer their time and efforts to making a difference in their area. Working at Surfrider allows me to focus on the problems that move me the most, whether its beach access, water quality, protection of a local surf break, or revamping coastal policy. Training and supporting volunteers who make a real, tangible difference on our beaches can be an emotional rollercoaster, as you can find yourself shedding tears of joy with success, and pain in a loss. I am truly privileged when I can walk alongside someone who may have started with little knowledge about our organization and I get see them grow to become so passionate and knowledgeable that they, too, find their path to engage in campaigns or leadership roles, piloting their School Clubs to greatness.